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‘PLAY’ Prêt-à-Porter collection for women is the new addition of MA
STUDIO ( by Maria Aristidou.
With everything that is happening in our world these days, the designer
needed to give a fashionable playful note for women wear. The change for the better was the norm of this capsule collection providing a sustainable, useful but at the same time a collection with a playful reversible fabric twist that will cause a pleasant surprise. Knit design being a continuous study and challenge; the designer was inspired by geometrical playful patterns, clean cut shapes and vibrant colours.
Knit patterns with cotton, viscose and metallic yarns are the spring summer
essential raw materials used. ‘PLAY’ is a luxury Prêt-à-Porter knit collection
for women, easy to wear, comfy, unique, playful and unexpectedly reversible in some of the designs.  Welcome to the magical luxury knitwear world of ‘PLAY’ by Maria  Aristidou.
The magic of knitwear inspired the designer to first explore and then create, using luxurious threads , elaborate techniques and various knit patterns. The need of a luxury Prêt-à-Porter collection, the designer created MA STUDIO. An addition for both men and women by Maria Aristidou Fashion House.
The process of each collection production starts from the fabric design. Yarns such as wool, viscose, lurex, cotton, silk and velvet (depending on the season) are ordered from France and Italy.
Patterns are designed in great detail followed by a series of tests to decide the yarns to be used for each pattern, how thick or thin the fabric will be, colour sampling combinations, design testing, quality and durability checks etc.  The whole design and production processes takes place in Cyprus.
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